Studio Blond Oxydant 20 VOL 6% 1000ml

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Blond Studio 9 Oil Developer

  • For Professional Use Only:

    • Specifically formulated for use by professional stylists.
  • Benefits:

    • Enriched with Oil:
      • Enriched with oil for a potentiated result.
      • The oil is responsible for boosting the lift and keeping the lightener result predictable.
    • Smoothing Effect:
      • Smoothes the hair cuticle for improved texture.
    • Creamy Consistency:
      • Creates a creamy consistency for ease of application.
    • Optimal Mixing and Application:
      • Oil-base offers optimal mixing and application.
    • Clear Front Pack:
      • Clearer front pack, providing only essential information.
    • Sustainability:
      • More sustainable with a 100% recycled jar.
  • Usage:

    • Designed to be used with Blond Studio 9 Lightening Powder.

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