Skinn Bohemian Country Road Fragrance for Men (100ml)

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  • Type: EDP
  • Collection: fougere
  • Fragrances included mystical valley
  • Top Notes: Lemon, Clary Sage and Apple
  • Middle Notes: Lavender and Woody Notes
  • Base Notes: Musk, Oak Moss and Tonka Beans

About Country Road

Carefree. Invigorating. Spirited. Country road’s bold aroma is for a man ready to conquer the world. The woody tones of oak moss and herby clary sage sets your senses exploring with the spirit of a Bohemian.

Crafted by the Finest Perfumers in France:

Quentin Bisch, once an intern in the Grasse village and now a master perfumer, draws inspiration from his experience as a performing arts director. Country road is an embodiment of his affinity for creatively embellished ideas.

About Skinn:

A perfume that heightens your charm and sets you a class apart. Made by celebrated perfumers in France, the range is crafted to make a lasting impression with an assortment of fragrances that entices you into wondering “There’s something about it!

How to Use?

  • Applying it right after bath is the best time when your pores are open
  • Spraying it directly on your skin to make the fragrance bloom better
  • Keeping perfumes away from heat and sunlight makes it last longer
  • Moisturizing before you apply perfume makes the fragrance last longer

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