Skin Miracle Fairogenics Skin Whitening Single Use Facial Kit (38gm)

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  • Fairogenics AHA Skin Whitening Single Use Kit
  • Hydrated, smooth and fair complexion
  • Suitable for All Skin Types

THE ultimate in Skin whitening and gentle skin care. Luxurious and easy to use, From the moment you start using our Facial Treatment, it offers nothing less than pure luxury and fabulous lightening to create the look you desire for your clients. Safe and highly effective, our Products give you the level of lightening you desire. Researched and tested by professionals for years, we bring you the technology to create the level of skin lightening you prefer. A glowing, creamy complexion starts with you.

You need Hydrated, smooth and fair complexion? Express your inner Soul for the beauty you know you deserve.

Kit Contains:

1.Cleansing AHA Skin whitening (5ml)

2.Biowhitening Freshner (5ml)

3.Bio whitening Enzyme Mask (3gm)

5.Skin Whitening Scrub (3gm)

6.Concentrated skin whitening Serum (2ml)

7.Creme Skin whitening (8gm)

8.Whitening Peel off Mask (15gm)

9.Skin whitening ultra protection day Crème spf-30 (1gm)

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