Matrix wonder black WBK-2N

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Wonder.Black Ammonia Free is a no-ammonia, permanent hair color that promises 100% grey coverage with natural color results and 5X shine post color! Its breakthrough golden gel texture protects and preserves the hair fiber for hair that remains soft and smooth after color.

Before applying Matrix hair color, people should know how to prepare the hair, choose the right dye, collect supplies, mix and apply the dye, and complete the process properly.

Prepare the Hair

Before applying any hair color, users should take the time to prepare the hair. Matrix hair color works best on hair that is completely dry and unwashed. Washing hair can strip it of its natural oils, which serve to protect the scalp and hair from damage during the coloring process.

Choose the Right Type of Dye

The type of hair color determines how long the color lasts and how dramatic the effects. The Matrix brand has lines in each of these major types. Semi-permanent hair color, which is temporary, is not available from Matrix.

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