Matrix SOCOLOR 6.18 6AMo (Cool Mocha Dark Blonde)

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Hair Color: The Ultimate Makeup!

Much like makeup, hair color has the transformative ability to instantly redefine your entire appearance.

Explore SoColor's extensive range of enduring hues, offering everything from rich plums and gleaming golds to velvety mochas and vibrant reds, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Tailored for Indian Hair:

  • Expertly blended formulations deliver vibrant results.
  • Pre-adjusted for Indian hair to accurately reflect tones, even on darker shades.

Vibrant Trending Shades:

  • Provides up to 100% coverage for gray hair.
  • Features an anti-drying formula, ensuring hair remains nourished.
  • Delivers shiny, uniform results from root to tip.

4 Essential Guidelines for Using SoColor:

  1. Identify the natural base level.
  2. Determine the desired color level.
  3. Specify the preferred tone.
  4. Determine the volume (%) of developer required for the desired lift or deposit.

Developer Lightening Action:

  • 20V (6%): 1-2 Levels
  • 30V (9%): 2-3 Levels
  • 40V (12%): 3-4 Levels

For optimal coverage, we recommend 20V (6%).

Mixing Ratio: Blend cream with oxidant at a ratio of 1:1.5.

Timing: 35 minutes (Up to 45 minutes for resistant white hair)

Mixing Ratio Chart:

Color Oxidant
90g 135ml
45g 67.5ml

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