Lotus Professional Instafair Melanin Control and Skin Lightening Treatment Kit

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Highly concentrated herbal actives in this treatment have synergic effect that retain the complexion and make the skin fairer and brighter.

Kit Content:

1x Instafair skin whitening complex (5ml)
1x Instafair Mulberry Whitening Masque (60gm)
6x Instafair Skin Whitening Concentrate (5ml)
6x Pill Masks

How to use?

After the basic CETOM (Cleanse-Exfoliate-Tone-Moisturise) with HYDRAVITALS or PURAVITALS (depending upon the skin type)

Induction of INSTAFAIR Skin Whitening Complex with the help of ultrasonic.

Massage with HYDRAVITALS jojoba stimulating massage cream or puravitals

Cinnamon Energising Massage Gel.

Apply Instafair Skin Mulberry whitening masque.

Apply Instafair Skin Whitening Pill Mask and Concentrate as per the method of use :

Steps to use the pill mask

Step 1 : Take about 100 ml water in a tumbler. Drop one pill mask in water.

Step 2 : Pill mask will open up. Drain out the water taking care that opened pill mask remains in the tumbler.

Step 3 : Break the neck of one ampoule and empty the 'Concentrate' over the pill mask, taking care that whole of pill mask is drenched in 'Concentrate'.

Step 4 : Spread the pill mask (drenched in Concentrate over the face). After 10-15 minutes remove the pill mask.

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