Lotus Professional goldsheen Facial Kit - for all skin stypes

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Get glowing skin with Lotus Professional GOLDSHEEN Facial Kit that has incorporating actives for an instant gold-like lustre. Enriched with Gold Bhasm, this kit has a rejuvenating and stimulating effect on your skin due to its metallic action. It exfoliates the skin helping get rid of spots, blemishes, dull surface cells and at the same time smoothens out wrinkles giving you a smooth and glowing skin!

Kit Content:

6x Goldsheen Pretreat Gel (8gm)
1x Goldsheen Radiance Gel (60gm)
6x Goldsheen Shimmer Masque (8gm)
6x Goldsheen Glow Enhancing Concentrate (5ml)
6x Pill Masks

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