Lotus Professional Crystal Spa - Rejuvenating Rose

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Lotus professional rejuvenating rose crystal spa luxurious pedicure & manicure kit with Ayur sunscreen 50 ml a luxurious treatment formulated to protect & renew hands, feet and nails. Smoothens, soothes & nourishes with powerful penetrating blends of botanical extracts.

Kit Contents:

Crystal spa healing cuticle cream 1X5gm (Use Before 4/21)

Crystal spa hand and foot relaxing soak (Rose) 1X10gm (Use Before 2/21)

Crystal spa decrystalizer 1X10gm (Use Before 2/21)

Crystal spa cleansing skin polisher 1X20gm (Use Before 2/21)

Crystal spa hand and foot rescue masque 1X20gm (Use Before 3/21)

Crystal Spa milk & honey massage cream 1X20gm (Use Before 4/21)

How to use?

1. Apply CRYSTALSpa HEALING CUTICLE CREAM on the cuticles.

2. Soak the feet/hands in CRYSTALSpa HAND & FOOT RELAXING SOAK (Rose) for 10 minutes.

3. Add CRYSTALSpa DE-CRYSTALIZING SOLUTION to dissolve the crystals.

4.Exfoliate Hand/Feet with CRYSTALSpa EXFOLIATING POLISH

5. Apply CRYSTALspa HAND & FOOT RESCUE MASQUE on hand/feet for 10 mins.

6. Massage Hand/Feet With CRYSTALSps Milk & Honey Massage Cream

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EXpiry Date: 04/21

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