Lotus Professional Crystal Spa - Refreshing Sweet Orange

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Lotus Professional Refreshing Sweet Orange Crystal Spa Luxurious Pedicure & Manicure KIt Refreshes and Relaxes. A luxurious treatment formulated to protect and renew hands, feet and nails. Smoothens, soothes and nourishes with powerful penetrating blends of botanical extracts. After the basic preparation of removing nail enamel, cutting & filling the nails

How to use?

1. Apply CRYSTALSpa HEALING CUTICLE CREAM on the cuticles.

2. Soak the feet/hands in CRYSTALSpa HAND & FOOT RELAXING SOAK (Refreshing Sweet Orange) for 10 minutes.

3. Add CRYSTALSpa DE-CRYSTALIZING SOLUTION to dissolve the crystals.

4.Exfoliate Hand/Feet with CRYSTALSpa EXFOLIATING POLISH

5. Apply CRYSTALspa HAND & FOOT RESCUE MASQUE on hand/feet for 10 mins.

6. Massage Hand/Feet With CRYSTALSps Milk & Honey Massage Cream

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