Lotus Herbals BERRYSCRUB Strawberry & Aloe Vera Exfoliating Face Wash (120gm)

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STRAWBERRY SEEDS: A natural exfoliator and powerful antioxidant that helps in removing dead skin cells, prevents the formation of blackheads, and acne & gives an instant glow. Because of their high quantities of natural acid, they also assist in cleaning and tightening your pores

ALOE VERA: Known for its excellent moisturising and skin healing, anti-inflammatory & soothing properties. The anti-inflammatory qualities of aloe vera aid in the battle against acne-causing bacteria. It moisturises and soothes the skin, making it feel smooth and flawless.

LEMON EXTRACT: A natural & powerful antioxidant that helps reduce skin damage and premature ageing. Lemon extracts can help reduce oil on the skin and inflammation due to their high pH values. It also contains natural acids that help brighten the face naturally and help fade age spots and acne scars.

ORANGE PEEL EXTRACT: A natural skin cleanser that helps in removing blackheads and unclogging your pores. Orange peel contains Vitamin C, which aids in the formation of collagen and elastin and has anti-ageing properties. Orange peel helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and leaves the skin with a healthy natural glow. Orange peel's antibacterial capabilities ensure that pigmentation, acne, blemishes, and scars on the face are minimised.

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