L'oreal Professionnel Paris Majirel - 8 (Light Blonde)

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Introducing NEW Majirel ABSOLU: Elevate Your Hair Color Experience

Discover the renewed Majirel, the iconic professional hair color, now available in a responsible and hairdresser-friendly pack. Unleash your creativity with MAJIREL ABSOLU and its extensive color palette, catering to the diverse needs of all women.

Key Features:

  • Grey Hair Coverage: Majirel guarantees a flawless 100% coverage of grey hairs, ensuring a confident and vibrant look.
  • Enhanced Conditioning: Benefit from 45% more conditioned hair, thanks to the nourishing power of Ionène G™, leaving your hair irresistibly soft.
  • Iconic Shade - 8 (Light Blonde): Experience the perfection of Majirel in the iconic Light Blonde shade (8), delivering rich, deep, and intense color.
  • Superior Resistance to Fading: Majirel's advanced technology safeguards the natural hair fiber, providing superior resistance to fading.
  • Versatility in Depth and Intensity: Mixed to various depths and intensities, Majirel offers long-lasting color, caring for your hair from root to tip.
  • Enriched Formula with Incell and Ionene G: The formula is enriched with Incell and Ionene G, actively contributing to hair strength and reinforcement.

Coverage and Durability:

  • Perfect White Hair Coverage: Experience perfect coverage, leaving no trace of white hair.
  • Permanent Color: Indulge in a permanent color experience, showcasing long-lasting richness, depth, and intense color.

Lightening and Darkening Capabilities:

  • Up to 3 Levels of Lightening: Achieve your desired level of lightening with Majirel, offering flexibility for up to 3 levels.
  • Versatility in Darkening and Lightening: Explore various shades as Majirel provides the option to both darken and lighten, allowing for a personalized color journey.

Development Time:

  • Efficient Processing: Witness efficient coloring with a development time of 35 minutes, though the total service time may vary based on your professional hairdresser's expertise.

Elevate your hair color experience with NEW Majirel ABSOLU, where innovation meets responsibility, providing a personalized and transformative journey for your hair.

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