L'oreal Professionnel Paris Majirel - 7.35 (Mahogany Golden Blonde)

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L'oreal Professionnel Paris Majirel - 7.35 (Mahogany Golden Blonde)

What It Is: Experience the magic of Majirel - 7.35, a permanent crème color designed for rich color, impeccable coverage, and extraordinary care.

What It Does:

  • True-to-Tone Brilliance: Achieve a long-lasting, true-to-tone Mahogany Golden Blonde shade with Majirel, ensuring vibrant color and up to 100% grey coverage.
  • Precise and Predictable Results: Enjoy predictable, precise results with Majirel, providing +45% more conditioned hair compared to uncolored hair.
  • Versatile Application: Majirel serves multiple purposes, from lifting and deepening to color matching, covering gray, adding dimension, or creating fashion-forward colors.
  • Strengthens from Within: The Ionene G & Incell complex actively strengthens and reinforces hair fibers from the inside out, ensuring enduring health and resilience.

Endless Possibilities with Majirel Cool Cover:

  • Intense Cool Coverage: Explore extreme cool reflects and perfect neutralization of warm tones with Majirel Cool Cover.

Additional Insights:

  • Developer Range: Majirel offers four developers - MajiCreme 20-volume, 30-volume, 40-volume, and 12.5-volume (tailored for Majirel GLOW).
  • In-Between Salon Charm: Keep your color fresh between salon visits by recommending our temporary root concealer - Hair Touch Up. Formulated to seamlessly match L'Oreal Professionnel color.

Majirel Cool Cover Application Details:

  • Mixing Ratio: Achieve perfection with a meticulous 1:1.5 mixing ratio.
  • Developer Selection: Tailor your color journey with a choice between 20- or 30-Vol. MajiCreme Developer.
  • Efficient Processing: In just 35 minutes, witness the efficient development of your chosen shade.

Special Instructions for Optimal Results:

  • Levels 3 to 5: Apply the target shade without mixing for up to 100% coverage of white hair.
  • Levels 6 and Above: Attain up to 100% natural coverage of white hair by applying the target shade.
  • For 100% Opaque Coverage: Blend 1/2 target shade + 1/2 natural shade at the same level for an opulent and opaque finish.

Elevate your hair color experience with Majirel - 7.35, where innovation meets sophistication for a personalized and transformative journey.

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