L'oreal Professionnel Paris INOA Ammonia-free Permanent Hair Color - 8.3 (Light Golden Blonde)

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INOA Carmilane by L'Oréal Professionnel: A Revolutionary Hair Color Experience

INOA stands as L'Oréal Professionnel's pioneering brand of no-ammonia permanent hair color, leveraging ODS2 technology to cater to all hair types. With the guidance of your L'Oréal Professionnel hairdresser and a comprehensive color consultation, achieving your ideal shade becomes an attainable reality. This year, INOA unveils a captivating selection of deep, intense reds accentuated with garnet undertones, introducing INOA Carmilane.

Description: INOA Carmilane presents an exceptional hair coloring journey with its ammonia-free, odorless formulation. It honors the integrity of your hair while gently treating the scalp, ensuring a truly unique and comfortable coloring experience. Revel in the beauty of natural reflects, luxurious shine, and flawless coverage, as validated by a staggering 96% of women who have embraced the magic of INOA.

Key Features:

  • Ammonia-Free Formula: INOA Carmilane boasts an innovative ammonia-free composition, promising a delightful coloring process devoid of harsh odors.
  • Coverage: Enjoy comprehensive coverage of up to 100% of white hair, ensuring consistent and uniform results across all strands.
  • Durability: Embrace the beauty of long-lasting, durable color that retains its vibrancy and richness over time, providing you with enduring confidence.
  • Lightening Capability: INOA Carmilane can lift the hair by up to 3 levels, imparting vibrant and luminous hues for an unforgettable color transformation.
  • Development Time: Typically, INOA Carmilane requires a development period of 35 minutes. However, the overall service duration may vary based on the specific preferences and requirements outlined by your professional hairdresser.

Usage Guidelines: Rely on the expertise of your L'Oréal Professionnel hairdresser to embark on an enriching color consultation journey, culminating in the realization of your desired shade with INOA Carmilane. Trust their insights and recommendations to achieve optimum results tailored to your unique hair profile and preferences.

INOA Carmilane promises an unparalleled hair coloring adventure, unveiling a spectrum of deep, intense reds complemented by enchanting garnet accents. With its revolutionary formulation and enduring color radiance, INOA Carmilane redefines the essence of modern hair color innovation.

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