L'Oreal Professionnel Oxydant Crème 30 Vol. 9% Developer (1000ml)

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L'Oreal Oxydant Creme Developer 30 Vol 9% for Majirel Hair Color

Elevate your salon experience with the L'Oreal Oxydant Creme Developer 30 Vol 9%, a permanent developing creme designed for professional stylists to achieve stunning hair color transformations. Paired with Loreal Majirel hair color, this combo is crafted to lift your hair to the desired color while providing a smooth and shiny finish.

Key Features:

  1. Permanent Development: The 30 Vol 9% formula ensures a permanent and effective development, lifting the hair to the desired color with precision.

  2. Mixing Ratio 1:1: Achieve consistent and reliable results with the recommended mixing ratio of 1 part developer to 1 part hair color. This ensures an even blend for accurate and beautiful color application.

  3. Lifting Power: With a higher volume of 30, this developer provides increased lifting power, ideal for achieving lighter tones in colored hair.

  4. Smooth and Shiny Finish: Beyond color transformation, the Oxydant Creme Developer contributes to a shiny and smooth finish, leaving your hair looking healthy and radiant.

Ideal for Loreal Majirel Hair Color:

Specifically designed for use with Loreal Majirel hair color, this developer ensures compatibility and optimal color performance. When combined, they create a powerful duo delivering impressive, salon-quality results.


  • Loreal Majirel Developer
  • Loreal Developer
  • Majirel 30 Volume Developer
  • 9% Developer Oxydant

Application Tips: Follow the mixing ratio and application guidelines for best results. The Oxydant Creme Developer is formulated for easy application, providing professional stylists with the tools needed to achieve beautiful and consistent color outcomes.

Experience vibrant and lasting color transformations with L'Oreal Professionnel Majirel Oxydant Creme Developer - an essential component for creating exquisite hair color results in a salon environment.

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