Janssen Cosmetics Botanica White Mask (30gm)

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Botanica White Mask is an alginate-based powder mask. It is enriched with the high-quality herbal complex consisting of a mulberry root, grape, skullcap, and saxifrage extract.

The paste-like consistency obtained after mixing the powder is transformed into an elastic surface film, referred to as soft modelage. It, therefore, offers a type of occlusive wrap and is simultaneously a carrier of plant-based active substance extracts which help to intensively lighten the skin. The enzyme activity responsible for producing melanin is extensively inhibited. At the same time, this also prevents the excessive formation of further native skin pigments. Ideal in the case of hyperpigmentation such as e.g. liver spots or chloasma, etc.

After being allowed to work in, the soft modelage can be removed in one piece as a peel-off mask; it does not leave any stubborn residues behind and is therefore particularly easy for the beautician to use in the beauty salon.

How to use?

1st Step: Protect the customer's hairline (e.g. with paper tissues).

2nd Step: Apply an active substance concentrate corresponding to the skin type onto the areas of skin to be treated and press in gently. Allow to work in for a few minutes.

3rd Step: Mix the peel off mask. Quickly mix 30 g powder with approx. 90 ml Ocean Mineral Activator (room temperature) to form a smooth paste.

4th Step: Evenly apply the thick mask mixture onto the face and neck or the corresponding areas of the body in upwards strokes using a spatula. Leave out the eyes and mouth (or include them after consulting the customer). Of course, the respiratory tracts always remain free. Allow the mask to work in for 15 - 20 minutes.

5th Step: Simply peel the mask off and remove residues with moist mask sponges if necessary.

6th Step: Then apply the appropriate care cream.

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