Ikonic Professional Straightener Pro Titanium Shine PTS

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Ikonic Pro Titanium Shine comes with wider plates, allowing you to style all types of hair with ease. It heats up in 10 seconds to give you straight and shiny hair in a short time. Its advanced floating titanium plates heat the hair from the inside out, producing a long-lasting, glossy, sleek and shiny finish.


• Connect the appliance to the right power supply by putting the plug into the power point.

• Press the power button on the Straightener and then press the temperature control button to select the desired temperature setting depending on the hair conditions. When using for the first time, begin with the lowest setting. Please read all instructions carefully before using. For best results, follow these guidelines:

Heat selection: 130 °C – 170 °C  170 °C – 210 °C 210 °C – 230 °C 
Hair type: Thin Hair Medium Textured Hair Thick Hair

During the heating process the light will flash. When the desired temperature is reached, the light will stop flashing and the straightener is ready for styling.

• Separate a 2 inch section of hair, gently place the hair between the smoothing plates and clamp the straightener down firmly on the hair. You will achieve professional results if you work from the scalp till the ends of the hair.

• Once hair is heated carefully slide the iron along the isolated section, making sure that the hair is heated and straightened all the way to the ends. The ends will probably require less heat compared to the hair, which grows closer to the scalp.

Warranty- One year from the date of purchase

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