Ikonic Professional Straightener Mini Pro Iron Real - Red

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The compact size and lightweight design of the Mini Straightener, make it the perfect travel companion. The ceramic plates generate far-infrared heat to seal the hair cuticle from the inside out to promote healthy, smooth hair.


• Connect the appliance to the right power supply by putting the plug into the power point.
• To turn iron on, move ‘off’ switch to the left,then a red LED light will illuminate all the time.
• Separate a small section of hair, gently place the hair between the smoothing plates and clamp the straightener down firmly on the hair.      You will achieve professional results if you work from the scalp to the ends of your hair.
• Once hair is heated, carefully slide the iron along the isolated section, making sure the hair is heated and straightened all the way to the       ends.Then ends will probably require less heat than the hair which grows closer to the scalp.
• For best results, hold end of hair while smoothing the hair section.
• To create flips or curls, use rounded edge of iron’s straightening plates to curl ends or under.
• To remove hair from the straightener, simply release pressure and allow the hair to gently slip out from the smoothing plates.
• The smoothing process does not require overlapping.Separate each section of hair and work on it as indicated above.
• Allow hair to cool before combing or brushing.
• Repeat the process until you have achieved the look you desire
• Wait for the appliance to cool before storing.

Warranty- One year from the date of purchase

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