Ikonic Professional Multi Tongs Curler MT

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This multi tong curler provides you the flexibility to switch from one barrel to another for creating multiple styles. Each barrel is designed with precision and suits your requirement perfectly.


• There are four size barrels to interchange: 1.25”, 1.0”, 0.75”, 0.5-1.0”.
• Rotate the connecting shaft to right, the barrel will be unlock, then you can change the barrel with the size desired.
• Rotate the connecting shaft to left, the barrel will be lock. Then the iron is ready for using.
• Connect the appliance to the right power supply by putting the plug into the power point.
• Press the power button switch the curler iron. Then a blue LED light will flash.
• Be attention that: when the barrel is pulled out during the curler iron is on, all lights will turn on and be in alarming mode.
• Press the temperature control button / to select the desired temperature setting depending on the hair condition. When the desired temperature is reached, the blue LED light will stop flash but keep on.
• Starting at the nape, create a small section, and clip the rest of the hair away. Place the iron over the hair and twist the hair around the barrel.
• Continue the process towards the top section .Place the iron over the hair and twist the hair around the barrel.
• Once all the hair is curled, take a section and hold it straight out with one hand. Then push the hair halfway down against the length of the hair with the other hand .(finger backcombing)
• Repeat this process on both sides. Personalise the style by using your finger to shape the hair to achieve desired look
• Repeat the process until you have achieved the look you desire.
• To turn the iron off, push the power switch.
• Wait for the appliance to cool before storing.

Warranty- One year from the date of purchase

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