Godrej Professional Avocado Nourish Shampoo (250ml)

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What’s worse than having a bad hair day? Damaged and fragile hair that break every day, right? One of the primary reasons your hair gets prone to breakage is continuous exposure to sun and pollution. Heat-producing styling products can add to this breakage and worsen it. What your hair needs is some extra love and care to replenish its stock of vital vitamins and nutrients. Enriched with the goodness of almond oil and avocados, the Godrej Professional Avocado Nourish Shampoo repairs and rejuvenates damaged hair, thereby making it soft, silky, and shiny.

Key Ingredients:
Avocado, one of the main ingredients in the Avocado Nourish Shampoo, is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, and nutrients that primarily help maintain hair health

Avocado is also loaded with vitamins B and E that help repair and rejuvenate damaged hair

Another critical ingredient is almond oil, which is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and is perfect for nourishing your hair and adding a glossy sheen to it

Together, almond oil and avocado are great for moisturizing and conditioning the hair, improving hair strength and boosting its shine in the process

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