Clensta rosemary hairfall control shampoo 250ml - 2* hair strength

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Absolutely, here's a product description for the Rosemary Hair Fall Control Shampoo with 1% Biotin:


**Elevate Your Hair Care Routine with Our Rosemary Hair Fall Control Shampoo! 🌿🚿**

Experience the magic of nature and science combined in our Rosemary Hair Fall Control Shampoo, enriched with the strength of 1% Biotin for hair that's not just clean but stronger, healthier, and visibly reduced hair fall.

**Key Features:**

1. **Rosemary Infusion:** Immerse your hair in the nourishing embrace of rosemary, celebrated for its natural ability to fortify hair strands and promote a healthier scalp.

2. **Biotin Boost (1%):** Fuel your hair with the power of Biotin, a vitamin essential for promoting hair strength, reducing breakage, and supporting overall hair health.


1. **Stronger Strands:** Our shampoo is designed to strengthen hair from within, giving you a foundation of strong, resilient strands that resist breakage.

2. **Reduced Hair Fall:** Experience visibly reduced hair fall as the potent combination of Rosemary and Biotin works to fortify your hair structure, preventing unnecessary shedding.

3. **Gentle Cleansing:** Enjoy a luxurious lather that gently cleanses your hair and scalp, leaving you feeling refreshed without compromising on moisture.

4. **Invigorating Aroma:** Let the refreshing scent of rosemary turn your shower into a rejuvenating experience, stimulating your senses while nourishing your hair.

**How to Use:**
Wet your hair thoroughly, apply a generous amount of the Rosemary Hair Fall Control Shampoo, and massage into your scalp and hair. Allow the rich lather to cleanse and revitalize. Rinse thoroughly, and follow with your favorite conditioner for the complete experience.

Make every wash a step towards stronger, healthier hair with our Rosemary Hair Fall Control Shampoo. Embrace the power of nature for a crowning glory that shines with vitality! 🌿✨ #HairCare #BiotinBoost #HealthyLocks

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