Clensta red aloe vera multipurpose gel 130ml - overall skin & hair care 1% Niacinamide +rose water+ vitamin E

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Indulge in the ultimate self-care with our Red Aloe Vera Multipurpose Gel, enriched with 1% Niacinamide, Rose Water, and Vitamin E. This versatile gel is a powerhouse for overall skin and hair care. Red Aloe Vera, known for its soothing properties, combines with Niacinamide to promote a healthy and radiant complexion. Rose Water adds a touch of freshness, while Vitamin E nourishes and protects. Whether you're looking to hydrate your skin or enhance the luster of your hair, this multipurpose gel is your go-to solution. Embrace the goodness of nature and pamper yourself with the Red Aloe Vera Multipurpose Gel for a rejuvenated and revitalized beauty routine.

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