Aroma Magic Day & Night Cream Combo (50gm + 50gm )

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Vitamin C Day Cream (50gm)

Vitamin C Day Cream 100% free of petrochemicals, phthalates, toxic ingredients, artificial fragrance, and color. I am a light nongreasy day cream enriched with SPF I5. It's preparation, packed with a natural source of Vitamin C, protects while the pomegranate juice strengthens the skin's upper layer. Shea butter & aloe vera gel balances and moisturizes the skin to replenish the moisture lost during the day; extracts of orange, apple, and algae rich in mineral and natural enzymes help to lighten & hydrate the skin. The powerful blend of chamomile, lavender & helichrysum essential oils, together with avocado oil, offer optimum sun protection. It leaves your skin soft, supple & exquisite every single day.


Shea Butter
 Aloe vera and Pomegranate Juice
 Oils of Cucumber Seed and Avocado
 Extracts of Orange and Apple
 Essential oils of Lavender | Chamomile | Helichrysum

How to use?

  1. Apply the cream on to the clean skin after using a toner
  2. Apply on your face and neck in gentle circular motions
  3. Use before applying makeup

Vitamin E Night Cream (50gm)

Vitamin E Night Cream 100% free of petrochemicals, phthalates, toxic ingredients, artificial fragrance, and color. A luxurious night cream, It repair & replenish by working my magic on your skin while you sleep. It's an anti-aging formulation, powered with natural vegetable oils of sunflower seed, peach & wheat germ rich in Vitamin E, which helps in skin regeneration. The blend of essential oils of patchouli and geranium along with the extracts of carrot, lotus, and olive leaves helps to fade blemishes, rebalances the oil & water concentrations in the skin, enriching it with minerals, amino acids & antioxidants so you wake up to radiant healthy skin. It's also an excellent massage cream.


 Oils of sunflower seed, peach and wheat germ
 Essential oils of patchouli and geranium
 Extracts of carrot, lotus and olive leaves

How to use?

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser suited to your skin type
  2. Pat dry your face and neck
  3. Apply the cream in gentle upward strokes and circular motions by using your fingers
  4. Avoid the area around your eyes
  5. Use it 30 minutes before you go to bed regularly
  6. It also works as an excellent massage cream

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