10 Simple Techniques for Fresh Cheek Makeup Throughout the Day

Cheek makeup is something that looks really minimal but has a drastic effect on your makeup. Simple blush on top of your full-face look will add to the beautiful contours of your face making it glow just like a cherry on top of the cake. Some of us have high cheekbones, which enhance the beauty of our facial features. But when applying cosmetics, we frequently disregard them. Blush and bronzer are essential because they can take your beauty routine from boring to fabulous with just a few quick strokes. But as with any product, if you don’t know how to use it right you can go from Aishwarya rai to pennywise clown real quick! So, stay tuned and learn how 10 simple techniques for cheek makeup can elevate your look and make you look fresh throughout the day.

  1. Knowing your skin:

It is important because each person has a different skin tone and type. This aids us in selecting the appropriate blush. You would have fewer possibilities of applying makeup incorrectly if you selected the appropriate blush colour for your skin tone and type. For added moisture, people with dry skin should use cream blush; those with other skin types should use powder. You must have cool undertones if you have a fair skin tone. Thus, you ought to choose mauve or pink hues. You must have warmer undertones if you have a dusky, medium, or dark skin tone. Hence, you should accentuate your cheekbones with orange, cinnamon, or warmer tones. SUGAR cosmetics have a wide range of blush products available both as cream and powder with amazing pigmentation in just one swipe. At niram you can check out the blush collection we have for SUGAR cosmetics.

  1. Know the shape of your face:

Round faces: Starting at the top of the ear and blending the blush evenly for a beautiful finish is the finest approach to accentuate your round face. An otherwise round face is given length and definition with this technique.

Long faces: If your face is lengthy, focus colour on the apples of your cheeks and then sweep it up to your ear. This will level out the proportion of your features and give the appearance of extra width.

Square shape faces: To give the face a slightly angular appearance, work the pigment from the top of the ear down to the apple of the cheek.

Heart-shaped faces: If you have a heart-shaped face, you should wear makeup that complements it and use cream blush on your cheeks' apples to give them a gentle, natural tone.

  1. Use a primer:

A primer will help your makeup last longer by helping to create a smooth base. Before you put on your makeup, dab a little bit of it on your cheekbones. To make the cheek makeup more natural you can stick to a skin routine that elevates your natural glow.

  1. Sculpted face look:

Without surgery or spending hours in the gym, you can achieve those sculpted and defined cheekbones in less than 5 minutes. Apply your blush precisely along the line of your cheekbones and quickly blend it upward if you want to achieve a sculpted face. We don't want any angular lines on our cheeks, keep that in mind. The secret to this style is blending. You should choose warmer hues so that your face has more depth. Always apply a blush or bronzer that is two tones darker than your skin tone to instantly achieve deep cheekbones. The outcome will be a stunningly elevated face. For this look, stay away from glittery blush.

  1. Apply setting powder:

Setting powder can be a game changer if you want your makeup to stay in place and not smudge through water and sweat. The translucent powder has the power of protecting your makeup at the same time makes it look flawless. Sugar All Set To Go Translucent Powder also has options with different undertones for different skin tones.

  1. Use a Setting Spray:

  To assist your makeup, stay in place after applying it, and use a setting spray. Holding the bottle about 6 to 8 inches away from your face, lightly mist your face. Gatsby Set & Keep Spray is an excellent choice you can add after you complete your look by giving you a professional finish and staying all through the day.

  1. Refrain from Touching Your Face:

 Touching your face too much increases the likelihood that your makeup will rub off or smudge. Throughout the day, try not to touch your cheeks.

  1. Blot Extra Oil:

Blotting paper or tissues can be used to soak up extra oil on your cheeks if you have a tendency to become oily throughout the day. This will lessen the likelihood of your makeup shifting. Always use a solid base before applying powder and cream blushes. You can use a mild BB cream such as Lakme 9 to 5 CC Complexion Care Cream as a basis or opt for the foundation. The oils in your skin will make blush look patchy and ugly on your face if you apply it without first using foundation or at least a setting powder.

  1. Invest in good brushes:

The application of blush using a blush brush shows a vast difference from the one done by hand. Also using our hands to blend blush can often mess up the skin with dirt and impurities in our hands exposed to our faces.

  1. Long-lasting cheek products:

Long-lasting cheek products such as Maybelline New York Fit Me Blush Fard A Joues can help you achieve a fresh natural look that lasts throughout the day. Fit Me Blush is a thin powder that provides an all-day, natural color. This blendable, visible, but natural blush lasts throughout the day and adds a radiant shine to the skin.


When applying makeup, it is very vital to understand the shape, tone, and texture of your skin. This will enable you to purchase the proper cosmetics. After making your earliest purchase with the products mentioned above at niram, you may begin the work by using our cheek makeup advice and tactics. This blog will make it easy for you to simply produce the magic, whether you want a natural blush or a dewy look. Make sure your makeup is properly set so the ingredients stay in place and your makeup looks good all day.

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