Sugar Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream - 25 Macchiato (Light Medium)

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For all the times you’ve struggled to perfect the “no-makeup” makeup look, there is now an answer! Reintroducing the SUGAR Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream whose ultra-lightweight aerated mousse-textured formula sinks into the skin with the ease of a moisturizer while shielding it against the sun with its in-built SPF30+ protection. With a luxurious matte finish that guarantees an entire day with a sweat-free face, you now have front-row access to beautiful glowing skin! So go ahead - bin your primer, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen – because, this little beauty does it all and delivers a flawless finish in one simple step.

  1. Macchiato is a Light-Medium shade with olive undertones.
  2. Cortado is a Medium shade with golden undertones.
  3. Glace is a Medium Beige shade with golden undertones.
  4. Borgia is a Medium Tan shade with warm undertones.
  5. Americano is a Medium Deep shade with warm undertones.

How to us?

Start with a pea sized amount. Using your fingertips, dab it onto any problem areas, particularly underneath your eyes. Then slowly begin blending in a circular motion. Once you’ve finished covering up your trouble spots, grab a foundation brush to apply the rest of your product. Evenly distribute the BB cream across your face, making sure to blend well.


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