Rusk Deepshine Direct Ready-to-Use Cream Color - Blue (100ml)

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WHAT IS IT? Rusk® Deepshine® Direct saturates hair with intense, vibrant color. Now, with NEW Direct Clear, any shade of Direct can be blended into a range of softer colors. NEW Direct Clear can also be used alone for illuminating shine with no color deposit. Advanced Marine Therapy leaves hair looking and feeling healthy. Deepshine® Direct is applied straight from the tube. No developer needed. It's an ammonia-free, PPD-free formula.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone looking for intense, vibrant color, soft pastels or, simply, illuminating shine with condition.

WHAT DOES IT DO? The unique cream can be used, straight from the tube, to deliver many shades of vibrant color. It allows multiple colors to be precisely applied across the same strand, without bleeding, to create unique stacking effects. Mix 2 parts NEW Direct Clear with 1/4 part of any Direct shade to create beautiful pastels. For shine and condition only, use NEW Direct Clear alone. Direct Icy White can be used as a toner or to help eliminate yellow tones from blonde or gray hair.

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