Raaga Professional Skin Toner for All Skin Types (100ml)

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Raaga Professional Skin Toner with lotus extracts and cinnamon is perfect for clear and healthy skin. It nourishes the skin and maintains natural pH balance. Lotus extracts helps to control sebum production and balances oily skin, it also keeps skin hydrated and improves elasticity. The antibacterial, anti fungal and antioxidant properties of cinnamon helps in keeping skin clean and keeps acne and blemishes at bay. Together these ingredients reduce inflammation and promote skin healing while keeping the skin clean, soft and healthy. With regular use it visibly reduces pores and gives a clean, even looking skin tone.


Cinnamon Extracts and Lotus

How to use?

Pour few drops on cotton and dab around face and neck post cleansing with a face wash. Apply moisturiser after the process for a complete CTM routine.

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