Petal Fresh Pure Lavender Anti Frizz Shampoo 355ml

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About the Product

  • Combat frizz naturally with Petal Fresh Pure Lavender Shampoo (Anti-Frizz). The frizz-eliminating blend of Certified Organic Lavender and 8 premium Botanical extracts provides intense moisture and tames coarse textures, leaving hair ultra-polished and silky smooth.
  • The use of Lavender in aromatherapy and beauty dates back thousands of years.
  • Renowned for its abilities to calm and relax, Lavender is not only wonderful for soothing the mind, but also ideal for taming frizz by moisturizing hair.
  • Lavender – Lavender is known for both its physical & aromatic benefits. This nutrient rich essential oil notoriously aids in hair growth & the prevention of hair loss in addition to its aromatic benefits of reduced stress, anxiety & sleeplessness.

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