Kehairtherapy Fiber Botox (1000ml)

Sale priceRs. 25,000.00


The revolutionary Fiber Botox is a unique two-in-one treatment. The Fiber Botox does two distinct work on the hair, it works as a hair filler and also works as a zero formaldehyde hair protein and keratin smoothening system. The hair filler is based on collagen, keratin, Argan oil, amino acids, and phospholipids. It adds glow, texture and visible rejuvenation to your hair from the first application. The Botox effect concentrate is molecularly active by reorganizing the keratin structure of the hair fiber. Kehairtherapy Fiber Botox is a combination with the enhancer basis results in a multiproteica formula (collagen and keratin) which, together with phospholipids, feeds and fills the hair fiber and reduces hair frizz and internal hair damage to give great manageable hair. The results are evident from the first treatment and are enhanced in successive applications.

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