Chicco Natural Sensation NO TEARS Bath Shampoo (300ml)

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Chicco Natural Sensation is the new line studied to follow the natural development process of baby's skin. All formulas are inspired by the Vernix Caseosa composition, offering natural protection during pregnancy to cleanse, protect and nurture the baby's skin. The Shampoo from this range gently cleanses fine delicate baby hair. The ingredients in the formula ensures ideal cleansing for sensitive baby skin, guaranteeing the utmost gentleness.

  • Contains Aloe: Moisturising and lenitive action
  • Contains Sweet Almond Oil: Lenitive and elasticising action
  • No Parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, colouring or soap
  • Leaves the hair soft, scented and easy to comb
  • Respects the physiological pH of the skin

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