Cheryl's TanClear Tan Removing Facial Kit pack 24

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  • Removes tan easily
  • Cleanses the skin deeply
  • Skin look younger and radiant
  • Remove skin tan instantly leaving the skin lighter, clear and even toned
  • This Kit includes sachets sets for 10 uses
  • Suitable for all skin types expect sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin
  • Essential Facial Series

ESSENTIAL FACIALS: The tan clear facial is a detan facial that removes tan and pigmented spots from the face by removing the excess melanin that’s revealed on the skin when exposed to the sun. This anti-tan facial instantly leaves you with a lighter, clear and even skin tone.

Facial Kit Contains:

  1. TanClear Cleansing Gel - 3 gm x 10 Sachets
  2. TanClear Deep Exfoliator - 3 gm x 10 Sachets
  3. TanClear Skin Fresher - 3 ml x 10 Sachets
  4. TanClear Skin Brightening Cream - 4.5 gm x 10 Sachets
  5. TanClear Radiance Cream - 4 gm x 10 Sachets
  6. TanClear Natural Glow mask - 4 gm x 10 Sachets


  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Lightens Skin
  2. Willow Bark Extract: Sloughs Off Dead Skin Cells From the Upper Layer of the Epidermis
  3. Alpha Bisabolol: Hydrates Skin, Constricts Pores and Restores Its pH

How to use?

STEP 1: Cleansing – Cheryl’s Tan Clear cleansing gel lightens skin and thoroughly cleans out dirt, oil, grease and makeup

STEP 2: Deep cleansing - Cheryl’s TanClear Deep Exfoliator sloughs off dead skin cells from the upper layers of the epidermis and rejuvenates the skin

STEP 3: Toning- Cheryl’s TanClear skin freshener hydrates skin, constricts pores and restores its pH

STEP 4: Lightening - Cheryl’s TanClear skin brightening cream eliminates dead skin cells and gives the skin a brighter even tone

STEP 5: Massage - Cheryl’s TanClear radiance cream lightens and rejuvenates skin

STEP 6: Mask - Cheryl’s TanClear Natural glow mask provides intense hydration to skin and also reduces tanning

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