Bombay Shaving Company Dexter V6 Razor Regular Cartridges (Pack of 4)

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Anti-Clog Design: Optimum spacing between each blade i.e. Anti-Clog Design, prevents clogging, for a smooth and unstoppable shave.

Anti-Friction Gliding Strips: 4 anti-friction gliding strips before and after each blade, reduces friction during strokes, eliminating razor burn.

Embedded Safety Guards: Specially embedded safety guards after each blade on your razor reduces nicks and cuts while shaving.

How to use?

LOAD: Use Dexter V6 razor handle to load the cartridge from the cartridge holder.

SHAVE: Take short downward strokes along the grain, i.e. the same direction your hair grows.

DISCARD: Push forward on the lever on the cartridge to release it

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