Beardo Activated Charcoal Brick Soap (125gm)

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This natural charcoal cleanser soap for men gives the much-needed cleansing therapy to your skin and body after the daily grind. The back and forth commuting in dust and pollution leaves your skin dull and dry; and your body tired.

The charcoal skincare given by the Activated Charcoal Soap benefits your skin and clears the pores of all the dirt making your body light and smooth.


Aloe vera

A natural conditioner

Fights dead skin

Provides elasticity to hair

Prevents breakage

Patochali Oil

Excellent moisturizer

Prevents drying & flaking

Fights fungal infections

Heals wounds & cuts

Activated Charcoal

Removes dirt & oil

Cleanses skin pores

Removes toxins

Fights body odor


Exfoliates dead cells

Helps in deep cleansing

Refines skin texture

Gives a radiant glow

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