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Designed for women on the go, Alan Truman Blow Brush is action packed with features that imbibe the core value of the brand - high quality, high performance, reliability and value. Whether you use it straight out from the shower or run it through your hair just before stepping out, the magic it will create is enviable to say the least. All of this without having to spend time using a separate dryer and separate styling brush. From the finish to the fall, the hair is sure to get a brand new look, set to break a lot many hearts this valentine. What makes it super special are its smooth, tug-resistant bristles that work wonderfully through your hair just releasing the right tension to give life to your hair without the need of any external products/serum. Enjoy a more than perfect blow-out with this all-in-one tool that styles, removes frizz and keeps hair smooth and shiny - and in a jiffy!

How to use?

  1. If using straight out from the shower, towel dry your hair to remove excess water. Just plug in the blow brush and it is all ready to be used.
  2. Adjust the heat/speed setting based on your hair type. For fine and thin hair, use the lowest setting and if your hair is thick, adjust it to a higher speed setting.
  3. Preferably separate your hair into sections and work the brush from root to tip. Repeat for other sections.
  4. To add volume, run the blow brush under each section of hair keeping it close to the roots and roll the dryer in an outward motion towards your end. And to add in some more volume, hold the blow brush horizontally at your crown and run it under the section while rolling and lifting upwards from the root to the tip of your hair.

Note: To improve the performance and increase the life of the brush and the body of your brush, always keep it absolutely clean and free from product residue. Clean any product or residue from the surface of the barrel with a damp paper-napkin or a damp cotton cloth only. Just 3-5 minutes of care at the end of your styling session can increase the life of the straightener by months.

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