Adidas Team Force Deo Spray For Men (150ml)

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Adidas Male Deodorant Team Force is a masculine fragrance for everyday wear that keeps you fresh and youthful. This long lasting fragrance is inspired by the excitement of playing together. Team Force is inspired by the excitement of playing together, the strength that you feel when you are playing with your team, the sensation of being part of a brotherhood. Team Force is an Aromatic Woody fragrance.

  • Unique fragrance that stays with you the whole day.
  • Leaves you feeling fresh for long hours.
  • Keeps you smelling great all day.

How to use?

  • Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it.
  • You should hold the can approximately 15 cm from your underarm as you spray it.
  • Apply to the wrists, neck and behind the ears, can be sprayed on hair or clothing.

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