Adidas Dynamic Pulse Shower Gel (250ml)

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Adidas Dynamic Pulse Shower Gel is a fragrant gel cleanser that comes with a pH balanced, dermatologist-tested formula that produces a rich foam and gives a gentle cleansing experience. Enriched with Peppermint it delivers an uplifting aroma. It comes in an uniquely packaged bottle that offers a textured grip and leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated all day long.

  • Features a pH balanced, dermatologist-tested formula.
  • Produces rich foam and gently cleanses the skin.
  • Has a fresh Peppermint formula and delivers an uplifting aroma.
  • This shower gel can be used on Hair, Body & Face.

How To Use?

Squeeze a small amount onto a wet body sponge, wash cloth or hand and indulge yourself in the fragrant lather. Cleanse and then rinse off for a clean, refreshing feeling.

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