Non-Toxic Chemicals with Beauty benefits

In this moment’s post, We gonna be listing down the chemicals that we should look out for in our beauty products, but please don't use them raw on your skin as after all these are chemicals and can be veritably active in their action. The point is to look for these constituents in beauty products rather of some dangerous chemicals.

Salicylic Acid:

It's analogous but not identical to the active element of aspirin and is best known for its anti-acne treatments. It's a crucial component in numerous skincare products for the treatment of acne, calluses, sludge, keratosis, and knobs. It works as a keratolytic, bacteriocide, and comedolytic agent by causing the cells of the epidermis to exfoliate more readily, opening clogged pores and negativing bacteria within, preventing pores from choking up again by constricting severance periphery and allowing room for new cell growth. Because of its effect on skin cells, salicylic acid is used in several purifiers used to treat dandruff. 

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Zinc Oxide:

Zinc oxide is the main component in sunblock creams and poultices. It's best known for its superior sun protection capabilities and is known to help skin damage. Zinc oxide provides superior protection against UVB, long- surge UVA and short surge UVA radiation. In fact, it's the only component that protects against all three types of radiation. Zinc oxide also has subtle tangy parcels and acts as a skin- drying agent. It controls inflammations and relieves the skin against vexations and rashes. It's frequently preferred over titanium dioxide which is another normally used component in sunscreens.

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Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is known to have numerous skin serving plats. An effect of retinol on the skin is the proliferation of skin cells. Since retinol is such a small patch, topical operation of a retinol cream allows the chemical to access into deeper layers of your skin. These deeper layers contain live skin cells, which continually accelerate, giving rise to new cells that ultimately move towards the face of your skin. Overall, regular treatment with retinol under the supervision of a croaker can enhance the health and appearance of your skin. But it also increases photosensitivity. It's judicious to wear sunscreen if you're using a cream containing Retinol.

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Glycolic Acid:

It's a type of AHA and is stylish used in exfoliation products. The external layers of our skin are made up of dead skin cells, called keratinocytes. These cells, packed with protein, slough off sluggishly over time, allowing youngish cells to reach our skin’s face. Glycolic acid breaks up these external layers of cells, revealing the newer cells under. Regular glycolic acid peels can promote a immature appearance of your skin, precluding the blankness and dullness that can do due to a buildup of dead cells on the face of your skin. A study advises using glycolic peels doubly a time for the immature newer generations of cells. But just like with Retinol, Glycolic acid also increases photosensitivity hence wearing sunscreen is largely recommended.

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Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

You must have heard about AHAs. They're mentioned on the product covers as well as announced on Television. AHAs are principally fruit acids, substances that are naturally begin in fruits and milk sugars. Generally used AHAs are glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid. Principally the acids that are establish in fruits are AHAs. Products that contain AHAs are used to smooth out the face of the skin by barring fine lines and wrinkles, clearing out pores, evening out the tone and upgrading texture. AHAs catalyze exfoliation, or speeding over of the skin’s natural capability to exfoliate its external face cells and reveal newer skin cells beneath. AHAs don't serve life long benefits. Our skin returns to the normal stage after we finish using AHA products. BHAs are also used and work in the analogous fashion as AHAs.

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Commonly found AHA's in

  • Glycolic acid –  sugarcane.
  • Lactic Acid –  dairy products and fermented vegetables and fruits.
  • Tartaric Acid – grapes.
  • Citric Acid – oranges and lemons.
  • Malic Acid – apples and cherries.
  • Mandelic Acid – almond.


These should have been listed on the top of this list as these are presumably the stylish constituents ornamental products can offer to us. Peptides are present in our skin naturally which give strength to our skin and make it round and firm. The peptides contained in the creams are lab-created and they work on our skin from outside out. They clean wrinkles from our skin from within and because of their effectiveness, creams containing peptides are generally precious. 

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